Party Kegs

While building awareness of wine-on-tap in the hospitality industry, FreshTAP became increasingly aware of the need for a sustainable alternative in the private sector. After hearing ‘I need one of these for my home’ at many a public event, FreshTAP decided to launch the Party Keg Program!

These 11.3L kegs are the equivalent of 15 x 750ml bottles and are an easy wine option at your wedding, staff party, or weekend away at the cabin.

We offer a maximum 5-day rental, with the gas, barrel bucket and tap included in the cost. These self-contained units require no installation, and minimal setup, which makes them perfect for any special event where you want to make an impact with wine-on-tap!

Roaring Twenties Wine Co.
Sauvignon Blanc – $189.99 + GST & PST

Roaring Twenties Wine Co.
Cabernet Sauvignon – $189.99 + GST & PST

$100.00 per keg
$200.00 per tap

$25.00 (entire order)

Pick up/ Drop Off only
1575 Vernon Drive, Vancouver BC
Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Interested in learning more? [Email]


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