Why Wine On Tap?

At FreshTAP, we believe that a wine should taste exactly as the winemaker intended. When wine is poured through a tap, it flows through parts designed specifically for wine and never comes in contact with oxygen. The gas that pushes the wine through the tap is a special blend of 75% Nitrogen and 25% CO2. This blend preserves wine quality and freshness, so that each keg is good, from the first glass to the last. Wine-on-tap reduces the cost of traditional bottle packaging and transportation. By eliminating this packaging (bottles, corks, capsules, labels and cases), there is a lot less to ship and recycle, lowering the carbon footprint of the wine and hospitality industries.

There’s a Better Way to Enjoy Wine by the Glass

Our Mission

FreshTAP will continue to lead and grow the rapidly expanding wine-on-tap category in Canada. We will do so with our industry leading standard operating

procedures, and result driven relationships with wineries. With a focus on education to the trade and general consumer about the many sustainable, environmentally-friendly,

and cost-effective benefits of wine-on-tap from stainless steel kegs, we aim to create a new standard for wines by-the-glass.