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The most important of all of the stages is our 14-step cleaning and sterilization process. Certified by some of the wine industries leading companies, our cleaning Standing Operating Procedures are the best in the industry. Each of our kegs are:

Rinsed with filtered water
Cycled with hot caustic
Cycled with citric
Sterilized with steam
Purged with nitrogen
This process ensures total sterility of the inside of our kegs.


The next step is ensuring that the wine is safely and gently transferred into the keg, just as the winemaker intended. Our custom designed filling machine goes through a 10-point sterilization and testing process prior to beginning filling. This includes ATP swabbing of the filling heads prior to starting the process. With the option to use inline sterile filtration, our filling process leads the industry – in both safety and speed. Once the kegs are filled, they are cleaned, labeled, and packaged. In addition to quality control, we hold back samples during the filling process, for future analysis.


A small monthly rental fee covers storage at our distribution centers, routine maintenance, quality assurance of each keg, and shelters wineries from bearing the risk of keg asset loss. The FreshTAP system ensures each winery puts their capital where it belongs – into making and selling great wines. As the category of wine-on-tap rapidly increases, FreshTAP enables our winery partners to scale with its success. Our keg fleet allows wineries to fill on demand and continuously grow their on-tap business.


As part of our services, and included in our fees is the packaging of the wines. Packaging and labeling of kegs is different than bottles, and FreshTAP provides the template, printing services, and application of those labels and sanitary caps. Our industry leading packaging solutions are tamper resistant, and ensure that the keg that goes out our door is the keg that gets hooked up at the account.


FreshTAP does more than just clean, fill and ship kegs, we track them through their entire life cycle and provide access to information and valuable analytics. In the event of a quality control issue, FreshTAP can provide access to where each keg is located across the country to the distributor level. Since all kegs are returned to FreshTAP after they are consumed, critical information is gathered with regard to consumption rates, seasonality trends, growing markets and forward looking forecasts.


FreshTAP’s consolidated distribution method presents many additional benefits for our partners. Winery partners benefit from a much simpler “ship and forget” model, no longer having to worry about managing the distribution of kegs, keg deposits, additional rental and warehousing fees. FreshTAP performs the functions of distributor for your kegs, providing a simplified billing system and improved visibility into the supply chain which FreshTAP can then use to provide detailed metrics and analytics to allow winery partners a better way to forecast demand, control costs, and track sales patterns.


FreshTAP offers more to our clients than just custom kegging services, we are a true partner to the wineries and sales agents as we collaboratively grow the wine-on-tap category.

FreshTAP Provides:

Sales team training on best practices to effectively sell wine-on-tap
Customized wine-on-tap sales and marketing materials
Proper equipment consultation and introduction to the local dealer/installer of draft systems specializing in wine-on-tap
Our team of wine-on-tap experts is here to make the sales process easy and seamless. For more information on our sales and marketing support please email


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